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Chapter 8
Once midnight hit Kira ran to the bedroom.
"Are you okay?"i called after her.
"Go away! i cant let you see me like this." she screamed.
i followed her anyways and dragged her to the couch. She tried to get up again and i noticed she looked kinda frightened.
Before she could leave i grabbed her and pulled her back down to the couch,and she scratched me across the face with her razor sharp black nails , drawing blood.
i didnt see her after that.

Chapter 9
The next morning i went to wake her up for school. There was a note layed on the pillow.

What happened last night was a mistake. i will see you at school so dont look for me around town okay? i am just sorry i did what i did.

i ran out to my car and went to school. i saw a group of people crowded around something. i pushed my way through to see Kira fall to the ground and cough up blood. i ran twords her and picked her up. i told everyone to get away and i drove us back to my apartment.
i layed her on the couch and sat on the ground next to it. Waiting. Then she seemed to wake up a little.
"Kira!," i said " are you okay? Talk to me please."
She laid there silently and didnt move.
gibbons20 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2011
You're good…did u get from a professional
livy1023 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2011
nope... i wrote tis about 2 years ago on my laptop and didnt think it was any good...
gibbons20 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2011
well it is
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